From Adventure To Heritage, 7 Things To Do In AlUlA This Month

Activities To Do In AlUla

From thrilling adventures to immersive cultural experiences, AlUla beckons with a treasure trove of activities waiting to be explored this month.

Where: AlJadidah Arts District Cost:  SAR 40 per person

AlUla On Wheels Skating

Where: Mughayra Heritage Sports Village When: 24 - 27 April Cost: SAR 50 per person

AlUla Camel Cup

Where: Husaak Adventure Centre Cost: From SAR 397 per person

Stargazing at Gharameel

Where: AlManshiyah Plaza When:  09:00 - 23:00 Cost: Free

AlManashiyah Farmers Market

Where: AlJadidah Arts District When: Till 27 April Cost: SAR 150 per person

AlUla On Wheels DJ Nights

Where: Pangaea Adventure Cost: SAR 288 per person

Sharaan Reserve Safari Tour

Where:AlUla Old Town Visitor Centre Cost: SAR 70 per person

Old Town Tour

Heartfelt moments captured as residents saved stranded cats from drowning, showing empathy for all creatures.