From Camel Milk To Plane Parts, 7 Things That Are Made In UAE

Made In UAE!

UAE is popular for its innovation and dedication to quality and here's a list of the products that are originated in the region. 

Where: Strata What: Parts of Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A380

1. Aircraft Parts

Where: Caracal What:Pistols, semi-automatic weapons and more.

2. Guns & Firearms

Where: Swiss Arabian What: Oud, Jasmine and more

3. Perfumes

Where: Crown Paper Mill What: facial tissues, Nappies and more

4. Tissue

Where: RAK Ceramics What: modern baths, sinks and more

5. Bathroom fittings 

Where:Julphar What: Vials, tablets and insulin pens

6. Medicines

Where: Camelicious What: Camel milk, chocolate ice-cream and other products

7. Camel Milk

Have you ever tried the nutritious camel milk in UAE?