From Cancelled Flights To Gigs, 5 Things That Were Affected Due To UAE Storms

Street Clean-up Efforts

Volunteers came together to clean the streets after the deluge, restoring order and ensuring the safety of the community by removing debris and hazards left behind by the heavy rainfall

Assisting in the removal of logged water from streets to prevent further damage and restore normalcy to affected areas.

Draining Floodwater

Individuals showed kindness by helping to clear debris and repair damaged homes in affected areas.

Cleaning The Debris

Brave individuals stepped forward to carry people to safety from the inundated roads, demonstrating compassion and selflessness amidst adversity.

Rescuing Stranded Pedestrians

Courageous individuals risked their lives to save stranded motorists from flooded vehicles.

Roadside Rescues

Brave volunteers navigated flooded roads at night, transporting stranded individuals to safety.

Nighttime Transport

Open-hearted residents provided shelter, food, and comfort to strangers amidst the storm's chaos.

Compassionate Shelter

Digital communities rallied together, coordinating rescue missions and aid distribution through WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp Warriors

Heartfelt moments captured as residents saved stranded cats from drowning, showing empathy for all creatures.