From CAT Exam Prep to Cooking, Here's What Navya Nanda Did Last Weekend

Navya Gives Glimpse Of Weekend

Navya Nanda shared aesthetic pics of her weekend and you'd be intrigued to know all about it. 

CAT Eam Prep 

She spent time prepping for CAT exams to land up in a good college for MBA. 

Times For Cooking 

To let off steam, she spent time cooking. A picture shows her pouring maple syrup in what looks like a batter. 

She Dined In A Pan Asian Place 

Navya also dined at a gorgeous restaurant with her loved ones. 

Shopping For Cute Stuff 

Weekends are meant for pampering! So, she pampered herself with cute tees. 

She Recently Went To Japan 

Earlier, Navya shared her travel diaries from Japan and the pics are fab! 

Cherry Blossoms, Minka & More

The postcard-like pics of cherry blossoms, traditional Japanese houses or mink are sights to behold. 

Do you want to have wholesome weekends like Navya?