From Fake Gold to Iron, Do NOT Buy These 8 Things On Dhanteras

It is believed that one must buy gold on Dhanteras but that does not mean you can buy fake gold. 

1. Fake Gold

Some people believe its auspicious to buy steel on Dhanteras but actually you must avoid buying it on this day. 

2. Steel

Of course the vessels that you buy will be empty but before entering the house make sure you fill the vessel with food or water. 

3. Empty Vessel

You should avoid buying plastic on Dhanteras because it tends to bring bad luck. 

4. Plastic 

It is considered inauspicious to buy iron on Dhanteras. 

5. Iron

It is believed that buying sharp objects like scissors, knifes, etc. on this day can bring bad luck. 

6. Sharp objects

Glass objects are said to be related to Rahu and hence buying them on Dhanteras is known to be inauspicious. 

7. Glass

Make sure you buy ghee well in advance and not on Dhanteras. 

8. Ghee

How is Dhanteras celebrated at your place?