From Farhana Bodi To Yasmine Sabri, 8 Arab Celebrities Spotted At The 77th Cannes Film Festival

Aseel Omran

Aseel Omran is a prominent Saudi Arabian singer and actress, widely recognized in the Middle Eastern entertainment industry.

Farhana Bodi

Farhana Bodi is a well-known social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur. Based in Dubai, she has garnered a significant following for her lifestyle content, fashion insights, and beauty tips.

Diala Makki

Diala Makki is a prominent Lebanese television presenter, journalist, and media personality known for her work in fashion, entertainment, and cultural reporting.

Yasmine Sabri is an Egyptian actress celebrated for her captivating performances in both television and film.

Yasmine Sabri

Dorra Zarrouk, a Tunisian actress, is known for her versatility and compelling portrayals on screen.

Dorra Zarrouk

Nadine Labaki, a Lebanese filmmaker and actress, is acclaimed internationally for her poignant storytelling and cinematic brilliance.

Nadine Labaki

Yara Alnamlah, a Saudi Arabian actress, has captivated audiences with her talent and charm on screen.

Yara Alnamlah

Sadaf Taherian, an Iranian actress and model, has made waves with her bold performances and striking presence in the entertainment industry.

Sadaf Taherian

Who did you spot at the 77th Cannes International Film festival?