From Gourmet Meals To Newborn's Pics, Inside Sheikha Mahra's Day Out With The Greek Ambassador

Royal Update

The royal princess met the Greek Ambassador, Mr. Antonis Alexandridis

Sheikha Mahra shares a strong bond with her mother, Zoe Grigorakos, as she is constantly seen in photographs on her Instagram page.

Sheikha Mahra Pays Homage To Greek Roots

1. Desi Pak Punjab Restaurant

Her Highness Sheikha Mahra shares the latest photo with Chef Sperxos.

Meet & Dine

She met the Greek ambassador at the warehouse by Chef Sperxos in Dubai.

He hosted the royal guests and delighted them with an array of gourmet dishes.

Chef Sperxos Creations

Chef whipped up some delectable dishes for this royal meeting.

Beauty On A Plate

Have you seen a dessert so beautfiul that you think before eating it?

Delicate Dessert

Small bites of deliciousness is all we see in this picture uploaded by Dubai Princess.

Scrumptious Bites

Here's how HH Sheikha Mahra spent her weekend.