From Mars Chocolate To Perrier Water, 3 F&B Products Marked Safe In Abu Dhabi Markets

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority 

ADAFSA is a government body in Abu Dhabi, UAE that carries out food and beverages safety inspection. 

ADAFSA has marked certain products safe in Abu Dhabi refuting contamination. 

Maintaining Safety & Hygiene


Amid the news of Mars not being halal, ADAFSA confirmed the sale of non-halal mars chocolate was banned in Abu Dhabi markets. 

Perrier Water

Recently the news of France breaking around 2 Million Perrier water bottles due to presence of fecal bacteria made headlines. ADAFSA confirmed absence of any bacteria in Perrier water in Abu Dhabi. 

ADAFSA confirmed the absence of Bon Tum Mayonnaise in Abu Dhabi market after the viral news of 1 death was reported in Saudi Arabia due to ingesting contaminated mayonnaise. 

Bon Tum Mayonnaise

ADAFSA instructs residents to read the label of product before purchasing to ensure safety. 

Read the Product Labels

The board directs everybody to cook in proportion to avoid wastage. 

Food Wastage

If you notice imported products placed in Local product shelves in supermarkets you need to notify this board. 

ADAFSA Notice For Emiratis

Be informed about food safety and hygiene in the UAE.