7 Cafes In Riyadh For Flat Croissants You Shouldn't Miss!

Exactly what is sounds like! Just a normal croissant flatten to make more crispier. The craze has finally reached Riyadh! 

What is flat Croissant?

1. Chino

Where: Hittin When: Sat-Wed 6am-midnight, Thu-Fri 6am-2am Cost: SAR119 (box) 

Where: Ar Rabi When: Mon-Sat 6.30am-9.30am Cost: SAR19

2. Pagnotta Bakery

Where: Al Rabeya When: Sat-Wed 6am-1am, Thu-Fri 6am-2am

3. Dopamine

Where: Al Mohammadiyyah When: Sat-Thu 7am-12 am, Fri 7am-11am, 12 am -12 pm Cost: SAR18.

4. BK Boutique

Where: Al Olaya When: Sat-Wed 6am-1am, Thu-Fri 6am-2am Cost: SAR14

5. BTW (By The Way)

Where:  Delivery on The Chefz Cost: SAR65 (box)

6. La Pate

Where: Laysen Valley & more locations

7. Le Grenier à Pain

Did you try one?