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UAE's Capital City

From ancient forts to modern marvels, here are seven spots where you can delve into the heart of Emirati heritage.

Indulge in a traditional Arabic coffee or high tea experience to immerse yourself in Emirati hospitality.

1.Emirates Palace

Marvel at its stunning architecture, designed to resemble a floating dome, and explore its vast collection of artworks.

2.Louvre Abu Dhabi

Explore its restored historic rooms and exhibitions to learn about Abu Dhabi's evolution from a fishing village to a modern metropolis.

3. Qasr Al Hosn

A comprehensive hub offering a deep dive into the UAE's rich history and enduring traditions, shaped by generations of desert-dwelling Bedouin and pearl-diving tribes.

4. Cultural Foundation

Join expert Nabil Al Ghanem in immersive workshops where you'll master the intricacies of captivating Islamic calligraphy. 

5.Al Qattara Arts Centre

Dine like a local in here with bedouin tents and traditional Arabic dishes served to you. 

6. Qasr Al Sarab’s Al Falaj

Admire the intricate marble work, stunning domes, and the grandeur of the main prayer hall adorned with Swarovski crystal chandeliers.

7. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

What will you visit first?