GI Tagged Alcoholic Drinks In India  You Should Know About

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Geographical Indication of GI tag is used to indicate the products that have specific geographical origins. 

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Two alcoholic drinks in India have got GI tags till date. 

Credits: Canva 

Cashew Feni is the first alcoholic drink drink in India to get a GI-tagged. But Coconut Feni has not got this tag yet. 

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 Cashew Feni is made of the fermented liquid of cashew apples, a sweet, pungent seasonal fruit. 

Judima is a rice wine made by Assam's Dimasa tribe received a GI tag. It's the first traditional drink in Northeast to get this. 

Credits: @Mrinal_MLA/ Twitter

Judima rice wine is made of Bora, a glutinous sticky rice.  

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So, these are two alcoholic drinks of India that are GI-tagged. Which one are you planning to try? 

Credits: Canva