Guide: Here’s How To Reach Barren Island, India’s Only Active Volcano Island

credits: wikimedia commons

Barren island is  located about 135 kilometers from Andaman and Nicobar's capital Port Blair. 

credits: wikimedia commons

It is the perfect blend of active volcano and exotic marine life, attracting all the adventure junkies. 

But reaching this island can be a bit tedious of a task, so here's a guide to help you!

You can easily avail public or private run  tour operators for your tour from Andaman and Nicobar islands. 

This exciting boat journey can last for few hours or you can opt for a complete day package too. 

As it is home to an active volcano, make sure you maintain safe distance. 

You are not allowed to set foot on the island and also follow certain guidelines issued by the government as the eruptions are unpredictable. 

Make sure you carry all the essentials like water, food, sunscreen and others on your visit as its a remote island. 

You can go for diving or snorkeling if you are a complete adventure junkie and explore the rich biodiversity.