Guide to Skydiving In Dubai

1. What To Bring With You? Your ID With Photo

2. Price Of The Skydiving in Dubai

Desert Dropzone: AED 1899 (tandem skydive + medical insurance)

Palm Jumeirah Dropzone: AED 2,299 (tandem skydive + medical insurance)

3.What To Wear:

Comfortable sportswear, sneakers, long shorts or pants, tight fitting T-shirt Jewellery is not allowed

4. Mandatory Conditions For Skydiving:

– Women Weight: 90kg  Men Weight: 100kg – Allowed age: from 18 years – You cannot drink alcohol 24hours before the dive – You Cannot dive under water 24hours before – If any health problem arise then it is not allowed to jump.

5. Where to buy a ticket:

You can buy from official website:

6. Is There Any Offers On Skydiving?

Peak seasons have offers with many discounted rates on skydiving experience.