Have You Tried Tzatziki - A Classic Greek Dish That Is Perfect For Summer? Recipe Inside

What Is Tzatziki?

Tzatziki is a popular Greek dip that is quite popular in cuisines of Southeastern Europe and West Asia as well. 

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Perfect For Summer

It is made with yoghurt and cucumber and is a refreshing dip that is perfect  for the summer. 

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Neha’s Tzatziki Recipe

Now, Chef Neha Deepak Shah took  to her Instagram to share a recipe  for this popular dip. We have given a complete breakdown of it for you  to replicate at home. 


3/4 cup hung curd 2-3 garlic cloves Pepper Salt Zest of 1/2 lime 1 cucumber Mint leaves

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Here’s How You Can Make It

1. To begin with, add some hung curd to a bowl. 2. Next, add zest of ½ a lime and garlic to it and mix it.  

Continue With These Steps

3. It’s time to add some black pepper and salt to taste 4. Sprinkle some mint leaves in it for extra freshness and bring it all together. 

Toss In The Final Ingredient

5. It’s time to add the final ingredient - cucumber. You can add grated cucumber or slices of it to the mix and your dip is ready to be enjoyed. 

Dip & Enjoy!

The dip is ready but if you want to make your Tzatziki look as pretty as Neha’s then you can make cucumber roses to garnish from top.