Herbs And Spices To Stack Up In Your Kitchen If You Are A Newbie At Cooking

Cinnamon adds the perfect flavour to both desserts and savoury dishes too. From baking to cooking, you can use cinnamon in many dishes.

Coriander leaves add a beautiful aroma to the dishes. It is often used in garnishing too.

From adding yellow colour to the food to including health benefits, turmeric is an essential Indian spice.

Fenugreek adds an aroma when used in cooking Indian curry recipes. 

Cumin enhances the taste and is often used to add tadka to the dish.

Nutmeg is used to cook special dishes and adds the perfect sweetness to every food item. 

Saffron is a special Indian spice popular for adding richness to food. It also adds a yellow colour to the dishes.

Cloves add a spicy touch to the dishes and also help in improving digestion.

From a cup of tea to biryani, you can use cardamom to add a splendid flavour to the food.

Red chillies are an essential spice for Indian cuisine. It adds the right amount of spiciness to the dishes.