Here's A Quick Guide About UAE's Winter Solstice Of 2022

It is at the winter solstice that one half of the Earth is slanted furthest from the sun.

The winter solstice is basically the shortest day of the year.

Typically, it occurs simultaneously everywhere on December 21 or 22.

 The start of winter will occur when the sun is parallel to the Tropic of Capricorn.

Southern horizon will have the Suhail star visible during this time.

 The maximum temperature will be 25 degrees, with temperatures averaging about 12 degrees.

Over 80 mm of rain is predicted to fall on average. It will rain 75 percent more than it did the entire year.

Expect the temperatures to drop down to zero degrees at 1800m height during this solstice in UAE.

Orion, Gemini, and Taurus are just a few of the constellations that will be viewable in separate components of the night sky.