Here's How You Can Make The Best Charcuterie Board At Home 

No matter if you are throwing a party or cooking for your family, a charcuterie board is an amazing addition to your table. 

Making a charcuterie board is pretty simple. All you need is all the food items that you want to add to your board.

From different types of cheese to crackers to meat, this board is a spread of deliciousness.

Assembling so many foods in a place is not easy. To make it simpler, pour dips and spreads into tiny bowls and add them to the board. 

The next step is to add all the meat slices. You can simply fold them or give them pretty shapes. 

It's time to add the cheese. Add all the hard cheese to add structure. You can also add soft cheese but keep them whole.

Make some space in between and add some bread and crackers.

Lastly, add all the dried fruits, fruits, herbs, and veggies in the gaps.