Here’s Where Every Capricorn Must Travel To In India

If you are born between December 20 and January 20, you are a Capricorn. 

Capricorns are curious in nature and travelling is their love!

So if you are a Capricorn, make sure you visit these places. 

1. RISHIKESH Capricorns are adventurous in nature and Rishikesh has so much to offer on that part. 

2. HAMPI Capricorns are always curious to know backstories of monuments or properties. 

3. GOKARNA Capricorns are always in search of serenity, nothing like it for them and which better place would give them that?

4. LEH-LADAKH Capricorn is an earth sign and which better place to go on a bike ride!

5. AGRA Capricorns are hopeless romantics at heart, so visiting the city that houses the monument of love is a must!

6. Gulmarg Capricorns love nature and mountains, so make sure to visit Gulmarg once!