Here’s Why It Is "West" Bengal Despite Being In The East

I am sure many of you might have been tricked by your friends when they suddenly ask you where is West Bengal and the first thing that slips off your mouth is 'in the East!'. 

No worries, we all have been there! But hasn't that trick question always brought a genuine question as to why is it in the east and still called West Bengal?

Well, we too did, but now we know! So we thought of passing it on to you.

Bengal, which was divided along religious lines, was a focal point of the Indian Independence movement in the early 20th century.

The western portion, known as West Bengal, was given to India.

The eastern portion became a province known as East Bengal when it joined Pakistan.

Later, it was called East Pakistan, which gave birth to Bangladesh in 1971

Bengal's portion bordering India was not renamed

Because of this, despite being in the East, it is still referred to as West Bengal.