Here’s Why Udaipur Is Known As The Most Romantic City In India

Udaipur is a beautiful city located in the desert state of Rajasthan. 

The city is popularly known as the Venice of East as it is home to many beautiful lakes. 

This city is also known as the most romantic city in India since yesteryears. 

King Mewar of Rajasthan built many beautiful and romantic palaces as well as monuments in the city. 

The interconnection of several lakes and the Aravalli ranges make this city a totally romantic spot. 

The city feels dreamy with many luxurious resorts, hotels and palaces which bring in royal romance to life. 

You can go for a romantic boat ride in the beautiful lakes here with your special someone and enjoy a blissful evening with them. 

You can also witness mesmerising sunsets from palaces and monuments with your special someone. 

You can enjoy a royal romantic evening by going on a evening date or enjoying breakfast with the most beautiful view of the city at various hotels here.