Here’s Why You Should Include Sweet Potatoes In Your Diet In Winters

Sweet potato or Shakarkandi is a large, sweet-tasting root vegetable which is consumed the most in winter. But why?

Sweet potato

During winters, skin tends to become dry but if you wish for naturally glowing, soft and clear skin, you must add this vegetable to your diet. 

1. Good Skin

With Vitamin C and beta-carotene, this root vegetable has immunity boosting properties. 

2. Immunity

Sweet potato is one of the heat-producing vegetables and keeps us warm during winter. 

3. Warmth

During winters people generally complain about bad metabolism but sweet potatoes can help ease it. 

4. Metabolism

Adding sweet potato to your diet can help you lower the risk of heart issues. 

5. Heart Issues

This root vegetable is highly nutritious and helps in improving your vision health. 

6. Eye Care

Sweet potatoes are extremely good for healthy brain functioning. 

7. Brain function

Which sweet potato dish is your favourite?