Here’s Why You Should Not Skip Evening Snacks

People who are looking at weight loss or weight management tend to follow a certain diet, many of which talk about skipping meals. 

Weight management

But people do not understand that skipping meals (even snack time) is not a good idea for long term health. 

Long term health goals

People who think eating less helps are wrong because eating nutritious helps. So if you skip your evening snacks thinking it will aid weight management you are wrong. 

Skipping is wrong

Starving yourself is never going to end you on the healthy side. Your blood pressure might get affected because of it. 

Starving? Big No

People who think evening snack will make them completely full must know that evening snacks have to be the quarter size of your meal. A bowl  of nuts, one fruit, etc. 

Small Healthy Bits

Another advantage of having evening snacks is that your dinner portion automatically becomes smaller. 

Added advantage

The longer you starve the more you crave. Hence evening snacks can keep cravings at bay. 

Cravings at bay

So make sure you have a healthy bit of evening snacks and do not try to miss it all!

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What is your fav evening snack?