HH Sheikha Mahra Attends The Dubai World Cup With Her Gorgeous Mother

Sheikh Mahra's Busy Weekend In Dubai

From showcasing her impeccable fashion sense to revealing her baby bump for the first time, Sheikha Mahra had an eventful weekend!

Sheikha Mahra attended the 28th edition of the Dubai World Cup, adding glamour and grace to the prestigious event.

Dubai World Cup Attendance

She enjoyed quality time with her mother, Zoe Grigorakos, strengthening their bond and creating cherished memories together.

2. Quality Time with Mother

She stunned spectators with her elegant pink gown, showcasing her impeccable style and sophistication.

3. Pink Gown Elegance

The Dubai World Cup witnessed a display of splendor, with attendees showcasing their finest attire and also magnificent drone show! 

4. Splendour at Dubai World Cup

The event marked the first public appearance of Sheikha Mahra's baby bump, adding excitement and anticipation to her fans and followers.

5. First-time Baby Bump Reveal

The weekend included a luxurious dinner at Nammos Dubai, further adding to the indulgence and opulence of the experience.

Luxurious Dinner at Nammos Dubai

The revelation of her baby bump generated significant buzz on social media platforms, demonstrating her influence and popularity.

Social Media Impact

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