Home Hacks: How To Keep Bitter Gourds Fresh For Longer Time

Bitter Gourd or bitter melon is a vegetable known for is bitterness. 

Bitter gourds does not have many fans though, but some love this veggie and also it has many health benefits. 

Here are some easy ways that can help you keep this veggie fresh for longer period of time. 

1. Store them in brown paper bags  and refrigerate. It will stay fresh for 4 days. 

2. Wash them in cold water always and store them only after they are completely dry. 

3. Store them in zip-lock bags in the fridge after washing and drying it properly. 

4. Do not store them below 50 degree celsius as they are sensitive. 

5. Try to avoid cutting this veggie before cooking it. 

Which is your favourite dish made using bitter gourd?