Home Hacks: Tips On How To Store Eggplant So That It Lasts Longer

Eggplants or brinjal as they call in India is known as common man's vegetable. 

Here are some tips you must note before you store them...

1. If they are unripe eggplants, make sure you store them in paper bags. 

2. Always keep the stem part downside. 

3. Store it in a cool dark cabinet away from direct sunlight. 

4. Store them separately, away from other vegetables like potatoes and onions. 

5. If you store eggplants in the refrigerator, make sure you use them in a day or 2. 

6. You can store sliced eggplants in an airtight container in the fridge. 

7. You can also freeze them and use them for months, but they are better used fresh.