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How Karwa Chauth Is Celebrated Across India

Karwa Chauth is a 1 day festival in India when Hindu married women observe fast from sunrise to moonrise & pray for their husband's well-being. 

As soon as the moon rises, they look at the moon and then their husband through a sieve. Their husband then feeds them water and sweet, ending their wife's fast. 

In Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana women receive traditional gifts that consist all the markers of marital status like toe rings, sindoor, etc. 

In some parts of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, unmarried girls too observe this fast and break it by looking at the North star. 

In Rajasthan, the older women share stories of Karwa Chauth with the younger generation of women in the family. 

In Jammu, after moonrise, women also pray for a good Rabi season while offering water to the moon.