Dubai Streets Flooded, People Bring Out Kayaks And Paddle Boats

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Dubai's tranquil streets transformed into waterlogged canals as heavy rainfall and thunderstorms prevailed.

Dubai Recieves Heavy Rains

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Dubai Police and RTA has urged residents remain indoors due to the extreme weather conditions

Dubai Police & RTA

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Viral videos showcased residents ingeniously turning waterlogged streets and sandy areas into impromptu paddleboarding and kayaking spots.

Residents Kayaking On Dubai Roads

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The severe weather conditions prompted the UAE's National Center of Meteorology to issue yellow and orange alerts, enhancing awareness.

UAE's National Center of Meteorology

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Dubai Municipality initiated a readiness strategy to tackle waterlogging, utilizing drainage systems to alleviate the effects of the intense rainfall.

Dubai Municipality 

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On Thursday, the UAE government encouraged the private sector to adopt flexible working arrangements for Friday.

Work From Home In Dubai

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In certain areas of the United Arab Emirates, rain and thunderstorms are predicted to persist

Rains To Continue In Emirates

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 Due to strong thunderstorms and continuous rain, many schools in Dubai went online.

Online Schools Due To Rains

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The inventive response of residents, particularly the viral videos of water-based activities on flooded streets, created a splash on social media platforms

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