In Pics: Sheikha Mahra Visited The Exhibitions At Kulture House, Dubai

Sheikha Mahra's Festive Plan

Sheikha Mahra attended an event for the Dubai Shopping Festival, expressing support for local businesses.

Cultural Fusion at Kulture House

The event took place at Jumeirah's Kulture House, known for blending lifestyle, culture, and tradition.

Popularity Through Pop-Ups

Kulture House's regular pop-ups have gained a dedicated following, making it an ideal venue.

Icons Exhibition Venue

Sheikha Mahra previously attended the Icons Exhibition at the Palazzo Versace, showcasing talented designers.

Dubai Shopping Festival Kick-off

The event aligns with the start of the Dubai Shopping Festival, a highly anticipated celebration.

Continuing Tradition

Her participation in cultural celebrations affirms her dedication to traditions and local vibrancy.

Past Support for Local Talent

Sheikha Mahra's past attendance underscores her commitment to local designers and entrepreneurs.

Supportive Royal Family Member

She was spotted checking out the clothes and praising the designers. 

Here's how she attended the fashionable event in Dubai.