Indian Vaccines Approved For International Travel

In the wake of the new COVID-19 wave, a few countries are re-imposing pandemic-related restrictions.

Thus, if you're travelling abroad now, you might need to keep your vaccine certificates ready.

But before that, you need to ensure that the vaccine you have taken is approved for international travel.

Covishield : The most widely accepted Indian vaccine for foreign travel is Covishield.

Covaxin: Several countries incorporated Covaxin too into their accepted vaccines list.

Sputnik-V: Over 100 nations are also accepting travellers vaccinated with Sputnik-V.

Corbevax and Covovax: A few countries are accepting these vaccines too.

Before travelling, ensure to read the travel guidelines of the destination country.

Take note of the vaccines that are approved in that country.

Also, read the travel guidelines of the airline you're travelling with.