Indian Destinations That Look Just Like Beautiful Foreign Places

Natural beauty in abundance, pristine beaches, and tropical vibes of Andaman and Nicobar islands are so similar to Thailand.

Known as the mini Switzerland of India, Khajjar boasts picturesque landscapes of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and verdant greenery.

Colourful lanes of Pondicherry look beautiful giving French vibes and these are something that you won't find so much in India.

Lakshadweep holds natural magic in abundance and it looks quite similar to French Polynesia.

The snow-covered mountain peaks of Gulmarg will make you feel like you are in Switzerland.

Uttarakhand's beautiful hill station Auli resembles a lot like Alaska because of its snowy peaks and adventurous activities.

The magnificent tea plantations of Munnar resemble a lot to Malaysia's Cameron Highlands.

Alleppey's backwater ride is the most beautiful experience and it is known to radiate similar vibes as Venice.