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6 Indian Gin Brands Driving The Gin Revolution

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The gin industry in India has seen significant growth and innovation in recent years, with several homegrown brands leading the revolution.

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Here are some Indian gin brands that have played a significant role in shaping the gin market:

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1. Greater Than Greater Than is one of the first artisanal gins from India. It is a London dry-style gin infused with botanicals. Cost: ₹1,700 onwards

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2. Hapusa This is a unique gin that draws inspiration from the Himalayas. It features handpicked Himalayan juniper along with botanicals. Cost: ₹3,000 onwards

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3. Stranger & Sons This is a craft gin that combines traditional gin-making techniques with Indian flavours. Cost: ₹2,500 onwards

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4. Jin Jiji Jin Jiji is a contemporary gin that celebrates Indian flavors. It includes botanicals like Indian coriander, cassia bark, lemon peel, black cardamom, and more. Cost:: ₹1,350 onwards

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5. Samsara Produced by Spaceman Spirits, Samsara is a premium gin infused with Indian botanicals and spices. Cost:₹3500 onwards

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Jaisalmer Made by Radico Khaitan, Jaisalmer is an Indian craft gin inspired by the royal Indian city of Jaisalmer. Cost:₹3500 onwards

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Which of these Indian gin brands are your favourites?