Inside Anshula Kapoor's Dinner Date At India's Best Restaurant, Indian Accent

Dinner Date With A Friend! 

Anshula Kapoor enjoyed a luxe dinner date with her friend, Prashant Raja at Indian Accent. 

Enjoyed Pani Puri With 5 Diff Waters

Anshula kick-started the evening with Pani Puri shots that came with 5 different types of water even pomegranate and buttermilk flavours. 

Cheers To A Lovely Evening

Anshula's dinner seemed to be a fabulous one involving delish food from India's award-winning restaurant. 

Main That Packed A Punch

Prashant took to his Insta to share a video of a scrumptious main that came with veggies and a thick gravy. 

Showstopper- Daulat Ki Chaat

For Anshula Kapoor, the showstopper was definitely 'Daulat Ki Chaat' which is Indian Accent's signature dessert. 

An Evening To Remember 

Anshula Kapoor posed for a pic with her buddies at the end of the meal. 

Credits: anshulakapoor/ Instagram

Anshula Is A Total Foodie

Anshula is a total foodie and she often shares her food and travel diaries on Insta. 

Credits: anshulakapoor/ Instagram

Does the celeb inspire you to visit Indian Accent too?