Inside Hina Khan's Dehradun Diaries With Croissants, Luxe Stay & Scenic Mountain Views

Hina Khan Travelled To Dehradun

Actress Hina Khan travelled to Dehradun, Uttarakhand for a relaxing vacay in the mountains. 

She Stayed At Hyatt Regency 

Her holiday stay was at Hyatt Regency Dehradun known for offering paramount luxury to visitors. 

A Bathroom Vacay Selfie 

Cosy in the hotel bathrobe, Hina posed for a bathroom selfie. 

Finding Warmth On A Chilly Night

Warming herself by the fireplace, Hina soaked in the tranquility of the night. 

Brekkie Danish & Croissant 

She indulged in a brekkie filled with sweetness as she gorged on croissannts and danish topped with cherries and dragon fruit. 

A Relaxed Vacay For Hina 

Taking a break from her hectic routine, she took a enjoyed her relaxed vacay in Dehradun. 

When The Mountains Call 

"Nothing compares to the peace you find in the mountains," writes Hina Khan as her Insta caption. 

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