Inside India’s First Bullet Train Station  At Sabarmati

India’s First Bullet Train Station

The NHSRCL is building the Bullet Train Station in Sabarmati and, if all things  go well then, it will become  operational by August 2026. 

 Sabarmati Multimodal Hub

We recently visited the Sabarmati Bullet Train Station. It is also called Sabarmati Multimodal Transport Hub.

Seamlessly Connecting  Multiple Transports  

This under-construction multimodal hub will connect Sabarmati Railway Stations, Metro Station, under-construction Sabarmati HSR Station, and the Bus Rapid Transport System. 

Thematic Station

All stations on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train have a theme. The theme at Sabarmati Multimodal Hub is the Dandi March movement.

Station’s Aesthetics 

You can spot massive stainless steel murals depicting Dandi March on the exterior of the station. 

Rooftop Garden 

NHSRCL has also decided to add a rooftop garden here. They’ll add a  variety of indigenous plants to  elevate the station’s beauty. 

Credits: Canva 

World-Class Amenities

There will be world-class amenities like multi-level parking, retail shops, waiting lounges, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, and banquet halls here.

Sustainable Practices 

The station has solar panels on the terraces, extensively landscaped terraces, and gardens with energy-efficient fixtures.

Service Likely To Begin In 2026

So, are you excited to visit this station in 2026 and ride India’s first bullet train?