Inside Kangana Ranaut's Baba Somnath Temple-Shri Krishna Moksha Bhoomi Diaries

Kangana Ranaut Visits Temples

Kangana Ranaut has been visiting temples, looking resplendent as ever. 

She Posted On Her Social Media

The actor thanked the temple administration in her captions for the pictures she posted on social media during her visit.

She Went To Somnath Temple

When visiting Somnath, the actor also mentioned in her caption the location's legendary significance.

Dwarkadheesh Temple Visit

She shared photos from her visit to Dwarka on Thursday to Dwarkadheesh temple.

There Were Also Boat Visits

Sharing a video, she also took a boat ride   in Dwarika

More Temple Visits

She also visited the Ram temple in Somnath and wrote Lord Ram's name in the book, then visited Shri Krishna Moksha Bhoomi.

More Temple Visits

Kangana also went to the extremely near-by Shri Krishna Moksh Bhoomi, which is the Somnath Temple. 

The Place Has Historical Importance

She explained that it is the location where Shri Krishna found redemption after the arrow struck his feet.

Have you visited any of these famous and iconic temples?