Inside MasterChef Australia's Gary Mehigan & Matt Preston's Food Diaries In Sri Lanka

Matt & Gary In Sri Lanka! 

Former MasterChef Australia judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan headed to Sri Lanka to film their travel and food docu-series. 

Gorged On Home Cooked Food 

The duo gorged on Sri Lankan home cooked food. There was Potato Curry, Mango Curry and more. 

Gary Wants To Make This Food

In his Insta post, Chef Gary mentioned he loved Sri Lankan food so much that he couldn't wait to prepare the recipes at home. 

Roaming Street Markets 

On reaching Sri Lanka the dup explored local street markets and checked out the fresh tropical produce. 

They Went Bar Hopping

Matt and Gary went bar hopping where they had a few arracks at a local pub and also headed to a posh colonial cocktail bar. 

Crash Couse In Sri Lankan Food

The celebrities took a crash course in Sri Lankan cooking from an expert chef. 

Soaked In Natural Beauty 

Gary couldn't have enough of the scenic views of beaches and lush greenery. 

When are you heading to Sri Lanka?