Inside MasterChef Australia's Sashi Cheliah's Vacay In Turkey  

Sashi Heads To Turkey 

Sashi Cheliah headed to Turkey with his wife Rabicca Vijayan. 

First Stop Istanbul

The chef first visited the capital Istanbul and shared aesthetic pics of his travel. 

They Drank Turkish Tea 

The couple drank Turkish tea and indulged in local bites. 

Bazaar, Mosque & More 

They explored bazaars, visited mosques and roamed around the buzzing town square. 

Sashi In Awe Of Turkey's History

Chef Sashi was in awe of the country's rich history. 

Warm People, Good Food 

In his Insta post, he credited Turkey's warm hospitality and good food. 

A Big Sweet Tooth 

Sashi has a massive sweet tooth, so we wonder if we indulged in baklava. 

Do you wish to visit Turkey like the chef?