Inside Newly-Weds Arti Singh & Dipak Chauhan's Honeymoon In Paris

Arti & Dipak Head For Honeymoon

Newly-weds Arti Singh and Dipak Chauhan went for their honeymoon to Paris. 

Arti Shared A Glimpse Of Trip

Dressed in white, sporting sindoor on her forehead, Arti shared a cute reel of her Parisian honeymoon. 

Travelled In Luxury 

The couple booked business class seats and travelled to Paris in Luxury. 

They Packed Many Bags 

Why travel light when you can travel in style? So, Arti and Dipak travelled with loads of bags. 

Gorged On Cheesy Pizzas 

The couple gorged on cheesy wood-fired pizzas. 

Fresh Sandwiches & Fries 

They dined at local cafes in Paris and shared sandwiches and fries. 

The Ultimate Romantic Spot 

No honeymoon in Paris is incomplete without visiting the Eiffel Tower and that's exactly what Arti and Dipak did. 

Has Arti inspired you to visit Paris for your honeymoon?