Inside Sheikh Hamdan’s New Year Celebrations!

Sheikh Hamdan Celebrates Festive Season

Here's how the Crown Prince of Dubai celebrated Christmas and New Year. 

During Christmas time he uploaded this picture of beautifully roasted meat which resembles Turkey. 

1. Love For Grill

The gravy like dish was prepared along the meat. 

2. Stew It Good!

Lovingly called, Fazza, he posted the picture of Burj Khalifa fireworks on NYE2023.

3. Burj Khalifa 

They displayed UAE President, Sheikh Al Nahyan. 

4. Laser & Light Show

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Dubai's Ruler was displayed next on the iconic building. 

5. Sheikh Mohammed 

He spent his new year in Bad Ragaz with close friends. 

6. Guess Where He Spent New Year?

He was residing in this beautiful wooden cottage accommodation in Switzerland.   

7. Cottage Stay

Did you check his Insta reel with Memories of 2023?