Inside Shraddha Kapoor's Picturesque Mountain Vacay

Mountain Time For Shraddha!

Shraddha Kapoor has taken off to the snowcapped mountains for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. 

Furry Friends For Company 

Maybe she is on a solo vacay or maybe not! But she has furry friends to keep her company. 

A Special Travel Companion

The actress found a travel companion in a cute dog atop a mountain. 

Paahado Mein Sukoon 

The gorgeous flowers. picturesque views and cosy cottage in her destination as given her a slice of tranquility. 

Snowcapped Peaks & Trekking..

Wearing a hoodie, track pants and trekking shoes, Shraddha spent a lot of time exploring the peak. 

Pine Trees & Gorgeous Flowers 

She witnessed the most colourful and unique flowers during her trip. 

Can You Guess Her Destination?

Shraddha asked her fans to guess her hideout. But fans weren't successful. 

Is a mountain vacay on your wish list this year too?