Inside Vedang Raina's Picturesque Kashmir Vacay

Vedang Raina Heads To Kashmir 

The Archies star Vedang Raina gave a snippet of his picturesque Kashmir vacay. 

"Most Beautiful Place In The World"

Sharing his travel diaries, Vedang described it as the "most beautiful place in the world."

Experiencing Snowfall 

In the peak of summer, Vedang experienced a winter wonderland. He welcomed snowfall in Kashmir. 

Kashmir Bathed In Snow 

With pine trees covered in snow and roads enveloped by a thickl layer of snow, Kashmir looked glorious. 

Mandatory Shikara Ride

He went on a mandatory shikara ride and soaked in the scenic mountain views. 

Breathtaking Views! 

Vedang soaked in the breathtaking views of the pristine lakes and snowcapped vistas. 

A Passionate Traveller 

The actor is a passionate traveller. 

Do you wish to travel to Kashmir like him?