Is Eating Rusk A Risky Decision? Find Out 

Many of you must have the habit of eating rusks with tea in the morning or evening.

But is this habit a good one?

Rusk is a twice baked bread or dry biscuit which is generally combined with tea in Indian households. 

Rusks are rich in gluten which makes it difficult for the body to digest. 

When rusks are combined with tea, they increase the calorie count which might invite various ailments. 

With high level of sugar, consuming rusks daily might lead to diabetes and unhealthy weight gain. 

Rusks are generally made by twice baking bread which increases he amount of anti-nutrients in it. 

If you like rusks a lot, we would recommend you to not have it on a daily basis. 

Seconldy, you can opt for whole wheat rusks which are more on the healthier side than the white ones.