Is India’s Fav Dish Poha The Right Choice For Breakfast? Let's Check Expert Opinion

India's Fav Breakfast Dish

Poha is a dish made using flattened rice and is loved by every Indian for breakfast or even an evening snack.

Ever wondered?

But have you ever wondered whether it is healthwise the richt choice for breakfast? 

Nutritionist's Opinion

According to Nutritionist Richa Gangani, Poha is  surely the right choice for breakfast. 

Low in calories

She said that Poha is very low in calories and also has very limited amount of carbohydrates. 

Nutrient dense

It is filled with proteins, iron, vitamins, fibre,  and carbohydrates. 

Controls Blood Sugar

Poha is rich in fibre and hence controls blood sugar levels. 

Bonus tip 1

Poha is one of the most easily digestible dishes. 

Bonus tip 2

Squeeze a little lemon juice on top while you enjoy poha to help you absorb the iron better. 

What is Poha called in your language?