Janhvi Kapoor's Childhood Chennai Sunday Brunch Included These Yummy Dishes!

Growing up, Janhvi ate a lot of Andhra cuisine because her mother was a south Indian and her parents loved that cuisine.

Here are some dishes that were a part of her Childhood Sunday brunch in Chennai. 

1. Idli Sambar Every south Indian brunch is incomplete without this dish. 

2. Sambar Sadam It is a meal combo made out of rice and sambar spices in Andhra. 

3. Podi Ghee Idli Podi Ghee idli is made by nicely frying idli in ghee and spices. 

4. Avial  It is a delicious vegetable preparation that combines vegetables with yoghurt and coconut sauce.

5. Thayir Sadam The combination of rice and curd is given a hot tempering of red chilies and other spices.