Jasmine Bhasin Pets & Walks Around With A Lion During Jungle Safari In Mauritius

Vacation Glow

Jasmine Bhasin is currently holidaying in Mauritius and she spent a day amidst nature and animals there. 

A Walk To Remember

The actress visited the Casela Nature Parks there and she met several animals, including a lion. Since the lion was tamed, she was able to pet and walk along with it. 

Petting Zebra

Jasmine travelled around the safari on an electronic bike and had the opportunity to pet a zebra as well! 

Who’s Taller?

Since petting a giraffe could be difficult, Jasmine settled for this fun shot! 

All Smiles

Here’s another cute picture of the actress with a zebra. 

Just Trying To Say Hi! 

In a series of pictures and videos posted, Jasmine could be seen going near a peacock to get a picture, but wasn’t quite successful! 

Ostrich Spotting!

Jasmine even spotted some ostriches during this safari. 

Happy & Healed

Sharing her experience of the jungle safari, Jasmine wrote on Instagram, “@caselamauritius you healed me 🩷 Nature and wildlife at its best. Place that I can visit a million times.”