Kajol Enjoys A No-Diet Day Relishing Bun Maska

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kajol Devgan (@kajol)

Looks like Kajol has her priorities set. On a no-diet day, she gorged on delicious bun maska.

Her Priorities

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kajol Devgan (@kajol)

She shared a glimpse of enjoying this classic snack with one of her friends. 

A Great Treat!

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kajol Devgan (@kajol)

Each bite of soft and fluffy buns loaded with maska simply melts in our mouths. The perfect blend of butter and cream adds deliciousness to the most basic buns.

Our favourite!

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The best way to indulge in a feast of bun maska is by dunking it into garam garam chai and enjoy.

The Best Pair!

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The actor is passionate and fond of relishing good food. Some of her favourite dishes to indulge in are pani puri, fish and chips, Chinese cuisine, Goan cuisine, Korean delicacies, and palak paneer.

Foodie Kajol

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kajol Devgan (@kajol)

Kajol enjoyed a grand Sunday Brunch with Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani. From talking about her love for food to participating in a pani puri competition, this interview is so much FUN.

On Sunday Brunch!

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