Keep Your Kidney Healthy By Adding These 8 Food Items In Your Diet 

Maintaining the health of your kidney is very important as it helps remove toxins from the blood.  

1. ONION Onions are low on potassium which is said to be good for kidney health. 

2. CABBAGE Cabbages are rich source of Vitamins B complex, K and C which help regulate bowel movement. 

3. PUMPKIN SEEDS Pumpkin seeds help prevent kidney stone as they do not let uric acid to accumulate in the body. 

4. PINEAPPLE Pineapples are rich in fibre and vitamin C which help in maintaining kidney's health. 

5. EGG WHITES They are high in protein and low of phosphorus making it perfect for good kidney healthy. 

6. RADISH Radish is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants and helps fat digestion. 

7. CHERRIES The phytochemicals present in cherries help maintain good kidney health. 

8. GARLIC Garlic has allicin which helps protect kidney health.