9 Kid Friendly Cafes in Delhi NCR

Credits: Unsplash

1. Shibuya Asian flavours are not the only thing this place offers. It's a pretty place with a kid’s special menu.

Credits: Instagram/Shibuya

2. Chili’s With an exciting kids' special menu, they are a hit amongst parents!

Credits: Instagram/Chili's

3. Roots What could be better for your kids than a cafe in a park? This is exactly what Roots offers.

Credits: Instagram/Roots

4. Dhaba An iconic restaurant otherwise, Dhaba has a vibrant atmosphere that will keep your kids engaged.

Credits: Instagram/Dhaba

5. Colocal What kid wouldn’t love a chocolate factory? Head to this one in Delhi right away!

Credits: Instagram/Colocal

6. Pizza Express Who doesn’t love pizza? Kids are exceptionally fond of pizza, making this their favourite place to be.

Credits: Instagram/Pizza Express

7. Copper Chimney For an environment that’s exciting enough to indulge your kids, Copper Chimney is the perfect place.

Credits: Instagram/Copper Chimney

8. Imly If your kid loves the flavours of chaat, this is where you want to take them.

Credits: Instagram/Imly

9. Barbeque Nation With a special barbeque menu for kids, we are sure your little ones are going to love it!

Credits: Instagram/Unsplash