Listen To These 7 Travel Podcasts And Go On A Virtual Tour Of India

Looking for some travel inspiration? Want an audio tour of India? Here are some podcasts you must listen to!

Audio Tour

Mountaineers, travel vloggers and backpackers share their travel stories here! On: Spotify

1. The Musafir Stories

Travel witer, bikes and backpacker talks about his motorbiking adventures with his two friends.  On: Spotify

2. Travel With Ketan

Through stories of avid travellers, India Chalo takes you on a journey across India.  On: Spotify

3. India Chalo

Award-winning travel blogger, host Anshul Akhouri talks to various experts in the field of responsible travelling on this podcast. On: Spotify

4. Daily Passenger Responsible Travel Podcast

This podcast brings the amazing, inspiring and engrossing stories of female travellers to you! On: Spotify

5. Brewing Travel Shots

This podcast brings to you some unique places in india and also some mind blowing facts. On: Spotify

6. Lets Travel India

The aim of this podcast is to inspire people to take that leap of faith and explore India.  On: JioSaavn

7. Travel With RV Show

Which of these have you listened to?