"Liver" Orry Goes Skiing In Switzerland & Lives The Good Life

Orry Goes Skiing In Switzerland

Internet sensation Orhan Awatramani AKA Orry went skiing in Switzerland. 

Enjoys Snowfall & Scenic Views

"Liver" Orry shared glorious views of snowfall and snowcapped pine trees.

Time To Gear Up 

Orry and his pals geared up and wore ski boots. 

Fun-Filled Day For Orry 

The celebrity showed his skiing chops in the mountains. 

Let It Snow! 

His bag fell on the snow and Orry couldn't help but click an aesthetic pic. 

Car Stuck In Snow 

Orry sat on the ground and helped get his car out of the snow.

New Friend? Is It Olaf? 

Orry struck his signature pose with a snowman. Is it Olaf from Frozen? 

Do you want to go for a skiing trip with your besties?